Hungarian Ambassador László Kovács

We decided to interview one of our ambassadors that decided to join the Ambassador programme. The responding ambassador is a Hungarian painter who, in addition to his entrepreneurial activities, also participates in the professional training of vocational school students, as well as a board member of the painters’ professional association.

1. Does digital transformation leverages digital growth across your organization?

The accelerating spread of digitization in the economy has challenged all levels of business, it has and will have an extremely large impact on the micro business sector as well. We believe that it can greatly influence the future of our profession if we can keep up with the opportunities offered by digitalization. The generation growing up today is already being born into digitalization and is making very good use of this knowledge! From this point of view, it is also important for a student who is about to choose a profession whether he can make use of this ability in a specific profession. If the use of digitization is not typical for the profession, then it is not attractive for the student, so he will choose another vocational qualification!

2. What motivates you to participate in DEAL Ambassador Programme within the project "Deal with Digital WBL"?

Public opinion believes that the craft professions are less affected by digitization and that it is less able to be integrated into everyday work.

I would like to refute this thesis and map the areas where digital technology can already be incorporated into the everyday life of micro-enterprises. It is impossible for operating businesses to maintain their competitiveness, whether on the domestic or international market, if they do not keep up with the changes.

in addition to the training of our businesses, we also want to ensure that these relevant competencies appear in vocational secondary school training as well, with which we can also make our own craft profession attractive.

The project is related to the strategic objectives of the labor market. It focuses on the assessment and transfer of digital knowledge.

In order to improve the adaptability of employees, modern training materials based on the development of digital skills should be created.

3. What are your top 3 expectations from the participation in the program?

The project wants to take stock of the existing modern tools and organizational possibilities and wishes to formulate these in a study suitable for the development of digital training materials. It is very important that the project presents the opinions and best practices of the most developed countries in Europe, so that it will be possible to develop a curriculum that provides even more competitive knowledge.

We expect such knowledge and good practices from the project, on the basis of which parents will prefer to send their children to vocational secondary schools in which our profession is already taught in accordance with the requirements of the new age.


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