IO2.2 Blueprint for VET trainers' development of digital competences

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This comprehensive blueprint provides a roadmap for institutions to navigate the transformative landscape of Digital Work-Based Learning and to prepare learners for the future.

Based on the Guidelines for Designing Digital WBL and remote experience (IO1) and considering the 6 emerging digital skills for VET Trainers interested in developing Digital WBL experiences (IO2.1) this report outlines a strategic approach to advance Digital Work-Based Learning (WBL) in vocational education and training (VET) and related educational contexts.

The blueprint addresses the evolving landscape of digitalization in work and applied learning environments, especially accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic. The baseline for the blueprint definition is represented by the results of an extensive research and consultations among eight European partners, identifying potentials and challenges in designing a Digital WBL environment.

The bluepring offers recommendations across five dimensions and eight sub-dimensions, emphasizing the importance of supporting educators with competences, conditions, and infrastructures.

This version of the Blueprint is updated to January 2024, and It is designed as a living document, evolving through ongoing consultations and events within the DEAL with Digital WBL initiative. An updated version of the Blueprint document will be available in all the Digital WBL languages of the partnership at the end of the project, in February 2025.

An online training system and toolkit are being developed to assist educators in integrating Digital WBL into their practices.