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Exploring the impact of new technologies on Education: insights from a European perspective


Across Europe, there is growing interest in understanding how emerging technologies are shaping education, particularly within vocational training. Under the umbrella of the Erasmus+ program, various initiatives are investigating the fusion of skills needed to harness artificial intelligence (AI) and leverage digital solutions for educational empowerment. 

This endeavor involves adapting teachers’ profiles to align with the evolving needs of students in their daily lives. 

This is the common goal of the “Deal with Digital Work-Based Learning” project (2021-1-IT01-KA220-VET-000033241) selected and monitored by the Italian Erasmus+ Agency for VET – INAPP Istituto Nazionale per l’Analisi delle Politiche Pubbliche – IT01, and the PREDICT project (2022-1-PT01-KA220-VET-000085485) selected and monitored by the Portuguese Erasmus+ Agency “Agência Nacional para a Gestao do Programa Erasmus+ Educação e Formação”.

Aiming to enrich the exchange of input and good practice between Erasmus projects, the last 12th of April 2024 the Digital WBL staff had the chance to attend the webinar organized by Endurae titled “AI in Education.” 

This event brought insightful discussions about the transformative potential of AI in education, and among these, there are at least two that closely resemble the approach sustained by the Deal with Digital WBL Consortium:

Balancing AI, digital and Human Involvement

The webinar emphasized the transformative potential of AI in education, advocating a balanced approach that leverages the capabilities of AI while prioritizing human-centered principles and ethical considerations. 

Following the PREDICT project approach, striking a harmonious balance between AI and human interaction is essential. The goal is to enhance educational experiences while maintaining the human touch.

The integration among technical and soft skills in designing and applying digital solutions for learning has emerged as a critical finding also from the “Deal with the Digital Work-Based Learning” project. The “Emerging digital skills model for VET trainers” (IO2.1) is based on the vision where teachers and trainers not only replace their current teaching strategies by digital, but rethink and reevaluate them under the light of new potentials and developments – and thus develop a future vision of learning together with learners. The capacity of the VET Trainers to merge digital skills with what we called “Future Skills”, enabling to master new situations and different challenges in learning, is rooted on the combination of technical and transversal skills.


Leveraging AI, integrating digital solutions responsibly

During the webinar, several case studies showcased AI’s application in real-world scenarios, from building monitoring to medical diagnostics, emphasizing the importance of challenge-based learning (CBL) in integrating AI into authentic contexts. CBL fosters innovation, interdisciplinary collaboration, and equips learners with practical skills and ethical awareness.

The WBL digital partnership is taking proactive steps to foster the integration of work-based learning experiences with digital solutions at the grassroots level. Strategies are being delineated to activate and coordinate a network at the local level to steer digital transformation within vocational education. Recognition and appreciation of skills acquired through digital work-based learning experiences are also prioritized.

The blueprints crafted by the Deal with Digital WBL partnership will undergo rigorous testing in the forthcoming months, with eight partners poised to immerse themselves in piloting them. 

For those keen on contributing to the digital evolution of the VET system, the invitation is open to become a driving force in this transformative journey!

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