The deal with digital work-based learning project is aimed at:


Develop a framework of innovative pedagogical approaches and an appropriate quality framework to support the digital transformation of work-based learning experiences;


To develop a competence framework on emerging digital skills for the VET trainer needed to innovate Work-based Learning methodology, laboratory and experiential online learning. The competence framework will be modular;

VET trainers

Encourage VET trainers to acquire specific competences to design, deliver, evaluate and validate skills learned through Digital Work-based Learning experiences;

Training course

Develop a training course to enrich the digital skills of VET trainers, available at a distance on the "Deal with Digital Work-based Learning" platform, aimed at integrating the use of Digital Technologies in Work-based Learning experiences;


Create stimulating and inclusive opportunities for VET trainers to further their professional development;

Digital Work-based Learning

Enrich and make more attractive to learners the training opportunities based on Digital Work-based Learning;


To innovate and make more attractive the cooperation instruments between training actors and enterprises, making work- based learning experiences more accessible through digital tools.