The Ambassador Programme is an opportunity for VET teachers to become digital teaching changemakers/ambassadors and establish a community in cooperation with an international institutional network. The ambassador Programme is aimed at promoting students’ (digital) Future Skills with different workshops/training opportunities. The Ambassador Programme will be a group of experts in digital systems applied to the dual approach, understood in all its forms.

  • Digital work-based learning of a hybrid type, i.e., use of digital tools to support the  work-based learning experience
  • Comprehensive digital work based learning, e.g., such as the use of technical and specialized labs in virtual and augmented reality to implement VET learning experiences in a simulation environment


The Ambassadors will be involved in the folllowing activities:

  • THE WORKSHOPS: the participation to four short monthly digital workshops to exchange good practices, learn from each other and receive input on topics such as the competences  framework, Open Educational Resources (OER) or Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR). The meeting will take place monthly from November 2022 to February 2023.
  • THE COURSE: we ask to all our ambassador to participate to the training for trainers course “Deal with digital WBL”. The course will be available on the project mulimedia platform from March 2024.
  • THE MOBILITY: the ambassadors will have the chance to participate to the project learning training activity in Karlsruhe, Germany on March 2023, someone in presence and someone by remote.


  • VET educators
  • Computer scientists, Experts in digital programme in Ed-tech and Programme developer
  • Expert of local technical agency for digital development
  • Programme developer
  • All those are interested in the project topic


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