Deal with digital WBL – Focus Groups


To be able to provide training opportunities for the design of Digital Work-based Learning (WBL) experiences the project consortium decided on collecting best practice examples of digital WBL experiences. But before the research and collection of best practice examples can start a methodology and structure must be developed.


For this purpose, each partner in the project consortium created a focus group consisting of a variety of different stakeholders:

  • VET Students
  • VET Teacher
  • VET Centre Directors
  • Administration or government personnel with responsibility in VET
  • Entrepreneurs with experience of having VET students


In total 7 focus groups with around 40 participants from 5 different countries were created. The aim of these focus groups was to collect participants opinion about this central question: How is a VET good practice in DIGITAL WORK-BASED LEARNING like?  We seek to establish criteria that allow us to design, implement and evaluate a good practice.


Based on the literature and on the contributions we have received from participants from different countries, we have defined 7 thematic blocks.


  • Competencies in digital WBL good practice for VET
  • Content and resources
  • Teaching-learning methodologies
  • Interaction-networked community
  • Assessment
  • General characteristics
  • Roles of Students, Teachers, Coordinators, Entrepreneurs and Administration


The diverse focus groups, consisting of teachers, students, administrators and entrepreneurs allowed us to have explanatory discussions about all of the mentioned topics. The project partners reported interesting and to the topic dedicated discussions and the consortium very much likes to continue stakeholders engagement in this topic.


Over the next weeks the results of the focus groups will be further analysed and guidelines for the development of best practice examples of digital WBL will be developed.


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