Investments in the training of VET teachers and trainers to improve their knowledge and ability to use Digital Technologies are generally insufficient, as recently analysed by OCSE (2021) and ILO (2021). This inadequacy is even more relevant if we consider that the priorities of Next Generation EU insist on the need for technological infrastructures and the strengthening of education and vocational training systems, in line with the objectives of full implementation of the Digital Education Action Plan 2021/2027

Focus of the project: The consortium led by SFC and joined by strategic partners, including representatives of enterprises, universities specialised in innovative pedagogy, vocational training centres engaged in the fields of Mechatronics and Green Economy, works to promote the capacity of VET trainers from Italy, Germany, Spain, Hungary, and Lithuania to use innovative pedagogical approaches. the focus of the project is on providing training opportunities for the design of Digital Work-based Learning (WBL) experiences.

The direct target is the profile of the VET system trainer, coming both from companies and VET training centres. The partnership aims to enhance the capacity of VET trainers to design and differentiate work-based learning methodologies and approaches. It intends to make work-based learning more sustainable, also by expanding the opportunities for WBL best practice exchange and distance learning,

Deal with Digital WBL pursues the following objectives:

  • To develop a competence framework on emerging digital skills for the VET trainer needed to innovate Work-based Learning methodology, laboratory and experiential online learning
  • To encourage VET trainers to acquire specific competences to design, deliver, evaluate and validate skills learned through Digital Work-based Learning experiences
  • To develop a training course to enrich the digital skills of VET trainers, available at a distance on the “Deal with Digital Work-based Learning” platform, to integrate the use of Digital Technologies in Work-based Learning experiences
  • Create stimulating and inclusive opportunities for VET trainers to further their professional development
  • Enrich and make more attractive to learners the training opportunities based on Digital Work-based Learning

To innovate and make more attractive the cooperation between training stakeholder and enterprises, making WBL experiences more accessible through digital tools.


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